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Aesop Brain – brain development story books 50

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Aesop Brain – Brain Development Story Books 50

Aesop Brain: The best children’s English book app for well-balanced brain development Enjoy children’s English book app with narration! Develop language skills, be creative, and build characters! Non-stop reading is on its way with personalized book recommendation system! Don’t miss out on a chance to get 62% off sale while app release offer lasts!

Aesop Brain pursuits a well-balanced brain development—language, thinking, creativity, and personality.
By creating and customizing their own characters with reward points from solving questions, this app keeps children interested in reading. With carefully divided into 3 levels of difficulty, it challenges children to revisit the app and encourages children’s continuous reading. Fun English learning is made possible with professionally recorded voice over.
Parents can manage up to 3 children’s book shelves and data. Parents will understand each children’s reading habits and tendency with reading activity data analyzing system. Customized book recommendation allows parents to know which books children should read next, leading to more effective reading.

- 2 free books
- All books divided into 4 categories—language, thinking, creativity, and personality—and 3 levels of difficulty
- Encouragement to read more with personalized character and question solving rewards
- Multi language support—English / Korean
- Learning achievement data analysis
- customized book recommendations

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